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The Holy Quran, the Ultimate Complete Software of Your Life

The Holy Quran is the last and final Revelation from Allah which is the Ultimate software that functions as an operating software and Anti-virus software that not only brings our dead hearts to life but also cleanse all our internal and external viruses like, Hate, Jealousy, Anger,Greed and etc from our system. Brings us back in contact with our Creator and tells us of our purpose of existence and our mission on this Earth. And it also guides and tells us what happens after we depart from this Earth and what will be the outcome of every single action we did on this Earth.

So you better Read it, Ponder over it, Understand it, and finally apply it in your life, because we have only one Chance.

The Truth about Music and how Satan uses Music to Misguide

There are a lot of different views regarding music in the Muslim communities especially in the West. Some say it is ok and there is no harm in it, while there are some who say it is prohibited and it is something that takes humanity to darkness and lewdness. We believe the best thing to do is to dig a little deep into the two sources of our Deen that is Quran and the Sunnah of our beloved prophet and the great companions and great scholars of this Deen to see what is the truth of Music. Based on my personal research and findings, all of the above sources prohibit music and all of them say music leads humanity to darkness and away from guidance. There is enough evidence and proof from the Quran, Sunnah, companions of the prophet and all the four Imams in Islam that proves prohibition of Music and musical instruments. Anyone, any scholar who says otherwise, Allah knows best, is either misguided himself, or intentionally given the job to misguide and confuse Muslims. There are even Non-Muslims who say this about musicThe great composer Bach said, "The end of music should be to the glory of God and the refreshment of the human spirit." Music is a very spiritual art that can change laws, form character, and topple societies. Lenin (a Russian communist-atheist) who was a master at subversion and revolution said, "One quick way to destroy society is through its music." Aristotle said, "Music has the power to form character."
We kindly request you to watch the videos below regarding a yearly music ceremony that takes place in different country every year, called Qlimax. Basically it is a satanic ritual where they reveal some really amazing facts about how Satan and his devils and his human slaves use Music to misguide and pull them to the dark side.
In this video they reveal that Satan acts as god and has his own messengers and prophets who carry out his mission in misguiding the humanity and leading them to darkness through music. It is very interesting that what they reveal in this video was foretold in the Quran and the Sunnah
Read this script of what happens in this satanic musical ritual and then watch the video to see what is the reality of the music and how it has been used by Satan and his human followers.
….the door to his (Satan) realm is being opened and none has seen him, you cannot touch him, you cannot hear him, tonight you can only feel him and many will be led to the path to darkside…lets introduce someone who hides in the master shadows, someone who has given up life for freedom, something way more powerful…tonight he is our master of ceremony, he has been given the name of Ruffian… Ruffian talking: tonight I have been chosen to stand on my masters shadow and I have been given the task to select the Demons and exclude the Angels, Let my voice guide you( Satanz alluring voice music Surha israh)…No one has seen the face of the darkside, only few souls are strong enough to look into his eyes, if you think you are one of them then get ready…for he is here…satan speaking: I have been expecting you, this is my domain, welcome to Qlimax….the first demon to perform on the altar of the darkside is a Ghost who has haunted the dance floor for many years, our lord of darkness demanded that he open this mythical gathering to show you his special skills that weakens the mind in the first stages of descend….Religions have tried to warn you in their holy books, teachings of peaceful tribes have told you their stories about the truth…all of this has proven to be in vain, you still are unconvinced about his existence, you still have not felt the strength of the darkside…Satan speaks: I am worst than you can imagine I am your best nightmare….another demon speaks: the lord greatest power is to surprise, to strike when everybody is least expecting it, some of the chosen ones might have seen him before but never on the master’s great altar…he is one of the great promising demon from the underworld, very slowly you have to lure into his domain…now that you are hear you will meet your greatest fears, the lord will see to it that you experience your darkest emotions…do not hasitate to let go, the longer you fight the stronger he gets…everybody has a darkside, it is strong, it is overpowering, it is in charge and the worst thing is you all have it in you…A devil appears on the screen and says: I represent your demons, I control your body and your soul, tonight you are mine…..female voice introduces another demon saying our second descendant is one of the pets of our master, his talent is to spread fear is legendry and he is honored to fulfill this important place on the masters ceremony…every time you were alone, every time you are asleep he is always there, he domintes your nightmares, he controls you, every step you take, he is in the earth he flows through the air, he floods in water, he blows in the wind and he burns in the flames, I am all around you every where…..female voice again: Some demons were born as angels, the lords next performers under estimated the power of darkside and tried to escape its wrath, their job is to enchant large crowds with penetrating sounds and piercing rythms, they are servant of the underworld..strange weird female shouting and crying….the lord’s advantage lays in his ability to influence the weak-minded, his power is stronger than the biggest super nova, your brain and will power are not able to resist this supreme being’s wishes…..Satan’s face appears in the screen saying: I am beyond comprehension….female voice: only one in every thousand disciples turns out to have special talent, a skill that even impresses our master, when this happens that one is given the chance to perform on the lord’s most impressive stage, in the tradition of the underworld, the apprentice is introduced by a gifted and well respected dark angel….No one can resist the persuading powers of the dark side, in the last 10 hours your mind has been set to the path to oblivion, You were doomed before you even got here…Satan appears on the screen saying: I took possession you belong to me now, your soul is mine….female voice again, to finish the job our lord saved his most fearsome servant till the end, you have been weakened by all his predecessors, it has been a long struggle but in the end the Dark lord lured you to his kingdom, as of now you are doomed souls, caged behind the master’s bars, you are his slaves


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