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The Holy Quran is the last and final Revelation from Allah which is the Ultimate software that functions as an operating software and Anti-virus software that not only brings our dead hearts to life but also cleanse all our internal and external viruses like, Hate, Jealousy, Anger,Greed and etc from our system. Brings us back in contact with our Creator and tells us of our purpose of existence and our mission on this Earth. And it also guides and tells us what happens after we depart from this Earth and what will be the outcome of every single action we did on this Earth.

So you better Read it, Ponder over it, Understand it, and finally apply it in your life, because we have only one Chance.

Malaysian state launches Islamic currency

Subhaanullah, finally the Fraudulent Paper Currency created by the Dajjal to control humanity is being exposed. Nations are starting to see with two eyes now. The criminals who created the world fraudulent paper currency and the world banking system that are exploiting citizens of the world and ripping them off their wealth are being gradually exposed. The nations of the world are waking up now only because they see this fraudulent system is collapsing, but our beloved prophet had warned us long time ago and Islam is clear about what is real money that has intrinsic value and fraudulent money created out of thin air and is only a piece of paper with digits and numbers on it. The Architect and mastermind behind this fraudulent system is none other than Dajjal and his foot soldiers the Gog and Magog who was clearly foretold and described by our beloved Prophet 1400 years ago. The Fraudulent money coupled with something else that is the root of all evil “interest”; gave these criminals power and a lethal weapon to enslave nations and suck the blood of the hard working citizens in every country. These criminals like Bernie Madoff ripped people of millions. It is about time for the world to discard this fraudulent paper currency and bring the criminals behind this big scam to justice who are responsible for millions of people losing their houses and living on the streets of New York and Los Angeles. Everyone regardless one believes in Islam or not, should support the Dinar and Dirham which is real money with intrinsic value that is gold and silver. Why everyone should call for Dinar and Darham is becuase criminals like Bernie Madoff will not be able to rip you off your hard earned money that easy. Islam a system of life as mercy from Allah to all mankind offers that which guarantees true justice and peace in all aspects of human life such as political, economic, social, ethical and etc.

Malaysian state launches Islamic currency

Thursday, 12 Aug, 2010
KUALA LUMPUR: A Malaysian state on Thursday launched the Islamic dinar and dirham as an alternative currency, allowing the golden and silver coins to be used as legal tender alongside conventional banknotes.

Authorities in northern Kelantan state, which is ruled by the Islamic opposition party PAS, said the Islamic currencies would be used in many shops in the state in addition to the national currency, the ringgit.

“We have over 1,000 shops that have signed up to our campaign and agreed to accept the dinar and dirham for the purchase of goods,” state cabinet minister Husam Musa told AFP.

He said signboards have been erected in the main market in the state capital Kota Bharu to show the conversion table between the dinar and ringgit, and participating shops will display stickers to encourage people to use the coins.

“The response has been very positive and all the coins which were worth a total of 2.0 million ringgit (629,000 dollars) have been sold out at the launch today,” said Husam, who is in charge of economic and finance planning.

According to Islamic law, the dinar measures 4.25 grams of gold, while the dirham is 3.0 grams of pure silver.

A golden coin is equivalent to about 582 ringgit (183 dollars) while the silver coin is worth around 13 ringgit but their values fluctuate according to market prices.

Husam said the dinar and dirham currencies can also be used dealings with state government agencies, such as paying “zakat”, or alms for the poor.

There has been a long debate in Malaysia, a Muslim-majority country with large ethnic Chinese and Indian communities, to introduce the coins as legal tender nationally.

Former premier Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, whose administration promoted a moderate form of Islam that emphasised economic and scientific development, shot down the proposal to use the Islamic currencies.

But his predecessor, Mahathir Mohamad, was an advocate of the dinar system and urged Muslim countries to use it as a trade instrument.

The debate has died down since current Prime Minister Najib Razak came to power last year.

Source: Dawn News

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