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The Holy Quran, the Ultimate Complete Software of Your Life

The Holy Quran is the last and final Revelation from Allah which is the Ultimate software that functions as an operating software and Anti-virus software that not only brings our dead hearts to life but also cleanse all our internal and external viruses like, Hate, Jealousy, Anger,Greed and etc from our system. Brings us back in contact with our Creator and tells us of our purpose of existence and our mission on this Earth. And it also guides and tells us what happens after we depart from this Earth and what will be the outcome of every single action we did on this Earth.

So you better Read it, Ponder over it, Understand it, and finally apply it in your life, because we have only one Chance.

False Quran Sites- Beware Everyone- False Lying Dajjal Claiming Prophethood

Rashad Khalifa (Richard Kalif) an Egyptian Coptic Christian- A false Prophet

It is beyond any doubt a clear sign, that this wretched and wicked mini-Dajjal is one of those prophesized by our Beloved Prophet Mohammad that at the end of the time there will be many Lairs and Dajjals who will claim to be messengers. And this devil also claimed to be a messenger and came up with his own cult called submitters. While there could be other sinister and evil plotters behind this devil who are just using him to create confusions, divisions among Muslims. Based on our research and personal encounter with his followers, in their so called Shahadah they have omitted the second part of the Shahadah and secondly they totally reject the Sunnah of our Beloved Prophet (pbuh). While they claim they only believe in the Holy Quran but they quote and use the corrupted Bible more than they quote the Quran and they believe in the Bible while No Muslim on the face of the earth believes in the Bible of today. Muslims believe that the books revealed to Prophet Moses and Jesus were almost totally corrupted and changed so they are not considered as authentic divine books. It is very interesting that most of his so called followers , are some Persian Shia from Iran and white folks from Western countries with Christian last names, like Jamal Thomson, ahmad J. Wallace etc. This movement seems like it is a part of a larger Anti-Islam propaganda of the Dajjal and his system to confuse Muslims from within. It is not and cannot be the work of one Coptic Christian from Egypt called Richard Kalif. They have many websites and centers everywhere and they have some sort of publications and flyers visiting the Islamic centers and Masjids passing around the twisted translations and meanings of the Quranic verses, targeting the ignorant, less educated, and weak in faith Muslims.

Their main goal seems like they are trying to misguide the ignorant, less educated and weak in faith Muslims by first creating confusions in their minds that they should not follow the Sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh). By their deception of omitting the second part of the Shahadah, they are rejecting the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) so if one rejects the prophet then it is natural to disbelieve in his Sunnah and Teachings as well. They also reject the five pillars of Islam. It seems like they are trying to attack Islam starting from its foundations. This is one of the grand Deception of the Dajjal and his followers attacking the religion of Allah. There were many who exhausted lots of energy and wealth in the past trying to distort the religion of Allah even in the time of the prophet, there were lairs who claimed prophethood but failed miserably. And there will be a lot of more lairs, dajjals and devils from among humans and the jinn who will try to plot against Islam, but they will all miserably fail and will be humiliated. Allah will humiliate all these devils like Richard Kalif who try to distort His Religion. Now let’s see who this Dajjal Richard Kalif was. According to the reports and information available, he was one of the most fraudulent personality with a criminal history including rape.

1- Rape Charge: Click here

2- An email from a person who knew Rashad Khalifa: Click here

3- The cult of the Zionest agent, Rashad Khalifa: Click here

While Quran is the first and primary source, revealed Word of Allah, Islam cannot be completed without the Sunnah, guidance and teachings of the Prophet Mohammad Peace and Blessings Be Upon him. Sunnah and Hadith of the prophet is a part of the Islam, therefore to reject the Sunnah of the prophet means to reject the Prophet and anyone who rejects Prophet Mohammad is not a Muslim.

It is important for all true and sincere Muslims around the world to be aware of these Lying Dajjals and their sinister evil deceptions and plots of confusions. It is highly recommended that everyone who gets information online from the internet about Islam must make sure who runs those websites so that we do not fall trap to their evil deceptions and corrupted information. These so called submitter dajjals run a bunch of websites that are put in place to misguide, steer wrong way, or confuse innocent people about Islam. Following is a list of most of their websites with various names. Some good Muslim brothers and sisters suggested that not to even visit them because that would mean traffic for them, so please if you can, do not even visit them. The purpose of the list of their websites is provided only so that everyone is aware of them.

The following sites are some of their websites to be avoided:
































Listen to Quran

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