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The Holy Quran, the Ultimate Complete Software of Your Life

The Holy Quran is the last and final Revelation from Allah which is the Ultimate software that functions as an operating software and Anti-virus software that not only brings our dead hearts to life but also cleanse all our internal and external viruses like, Hate, Jealousy, Anger,Greed and etc from our system. Brings us back in contact with our Creator and tells us of our purpose of existence and our mission on this Earth. And it also guides and tells us what happens after we depart from this Earth and what will be the outcome of every single action we did on this Earth.

So you better Read it, Ponder over it, Understand it, and finally apply it in your life, because we have only one Chance.

QuranicAudio- Quranic Recitations

Quran Recitations by Various Reciters
AbdulAzeez al-Ahmad
AbdulBari ath-Thubaity
AbdulBaset AbdulSamad [Mujawwad]
AbdulBaset AbdulSamad [Murattal]
AbdulBaset AbdulSamad [Warsh]
Abdullah Ali Jabir
Abdullah Ali Jabir [Studio]
Abdullah Awad al-Juhani
Abdullah Basfar
Abdullah Khayat
AbdulMuhsin al-Qasim
AbdulWadud Haneef
Abdur-Rahman as-Sudais
Abdur-Rashid Sufi [Khalaf]
Abdur-Rashid Sufi [Soosi]
Abdur-Razaq bin Abtan al-Dulaimi [Mujawwad]
Abu Bakr al-Shatri
Adel Kalbani
Ahmed ibn Ali al-Ajmy
Al-Hussayni Al-'Azazy (with Children)
Ali Abdur-Rahman al-Huthaify
Aziz Alili
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Dr. Shawqy Hamed [Murattal]
Fares Abbad
Hamad Sinan
Hani ar-Rifai
Ibrahim Al-Jibrin
Khalid al-Qahtani
Maher al-Muaiqly
Mahmoud Khalil Al-Husary
Mahmoud Khalil Al-Husary [Doori]
Mishari Rashid al-`Afasy
Muhammad Abdul-Kareem
Muhammad al-Luhaidan
Muhammad al-Mehysni
Muhammad Ayyub
Muhammad Hassan
Muhammad Jibreel
Muhammad Siddiq al-Minshawi
Muhammad Siddiq al-Minshawi [Mujawwad]
Mustafa al-`Azawi
Nabil ar-Rifai
Saad al-Ghamdi
Sadaqat `Ali
Sahl Yasin
Salah al-Budair
Salah Al-Hashim
Salah Bukhatir
Saleh al Taleb
Sa`ud ash-Shuraym
Sudais and Shuraym
Tawfeeq ibn Sa`id as-Sawa'igh
Recitations from Haramain Taraweeh
Madinah Tarawih 1419
Madinah Tarawih 1423
Madinah Tarawih 1426
Madinah Tarawih 1427
Madinah Tarawih 1428
Makkah Tarawih 1424
Makkah Tarawih 1425
Makkah Tarawih 1426
Makkah Tarawih 1427
Makkah Tarawih 1428
Makkah Tarawih 1429
Makkah Tarawih 1430
Recitations with Translations
AbdulBaset AbdulSamad with Ibrahim Walk [Saheeh Intl Translation]


Listen to Quran

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